About the Club

Promise land for only members

Hoakalei Country Club, the newest and latest private golf course to be build on the Ewa Beach shoreline on the west side of the island of Oahu where advance development is progressing, it is located 20~30 minutes away from the Honolulu International Airport.
Because the Club is in the opposite direction from most business district, a traffic jam wouldn't be an issue, so you can enjoy playing olf in a relaxed mood.
Once you get close to the Country Club, you pass through the wide streets of the upscale residential area and passing tropical palm trees, it almost feels like a didden passage to the golf course.
Feature of the Club is not only golf course, the new club house which will be completed in 2018 have the swimming pool, you can cool down by the pool relax and read your favorite book. Or you can spend quality time with your family to enjoy the pool and cabanas.


Take the Ewa (5A) exit.
Go south on Fort Weaver Road.
Turn RIGHT on Keoneula Boulevard and proceed straight. Before right turn, you can see the Safeway supermarket on right side.

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