Luxurious Club-Life in Paradise

With the spectacular views you will be delighted by the beauty featuring the amazing water and lush greens.
There are 114 strategically placed bunkers, this 18-hole course is full of enjoyment no matter how many times you play, where family and friends can fully enjoy the golf lifestyle that is a Hawaiian Ohana. This is Hoakalei Country Club.

Private Golf Club

The difference between a Private Country Club in Japan and in the US is that, in the US most Private Country Clubs are for member’s only, not allowing non-member play. Country Clubs are private golf courses that you must join in order to have full access to the golf course. Unlike Japan, you can’t call the golf shop or get on a website to book tee times. The only way that you can play on Private Courses is to play with a member or by a member’s invitation. Private Country Clubs are a place not only for golfing but also making life time friends, sharing the experience with other members, having memorable dining experiences, and most of all a place for a relaxing, no stress environment.

There are two types of private membership: Equity and Non-equity. These terms relate to the ownership and financial structure of the club and the associated membership. The Equity membership structure is typically defined as one in which the member is theoretically an "owner" of the club, which is run by a Board of Directors elected by the members. In the Non-Equity, the club and all of the amenities are owned by an entity other than the members.

Play Style

In the US, most golf courses allow non-golfers to be on the courses as a rider. As far as caddies go, high-end private golf courses often offer caddies but most of the courses are without caddies. Also, unlike Japan, you must play 18-holes without taking a lunch break and tee time intervals are at 9-11 minutes apart compared to the 6-7 minutes like Japan. This means that you can play golf in the morning and do something else in the afternoon. Hoakalei Country Club is a 10 minute interval. Cost of play is also different compared to Japan. In the US, once you have become a member, there is no green fee, there is only a cart fee. Not only Green fees, but other amenities such as range balls and use of pool are covered by either monthly dues or yearly dues. Therefore to play Hoakalei, member only need to pay the $25 cart fee per member.

Membership Category

Resident Membership
  • Resident Non-Transferable Golf Membership  Individual
  • Resident Transferable Golf Membership  Individual
  • Resident Non-Transferable Corporate Golf Membership  2 designee must be assigned
Non-Resident Membership
  • Non-Resident Non-Transferable Golf Membership  Individual
  • Non-Resident Transferable Golf Membership  Individual
  • Non-Resident Non-Transferable Corporate Golf Membership  2 designee must be assigned
* Complimentary green fees for Members, Spouses and all dependent children under the age of 22
* Complimentary driving range balls.
* 20% member discount on soft goods and merchandise in the golf shop.
* Accompanied guest play allowed. Member-Guest rate apply/
* A reduced rate to Taishi Country Club in Japan, Sankara Hotel in Yakushima, Catsle Hotel & Spa in NY.

* Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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